Notting Hill Is One Of The Most Captivating Places In London.

Portobello Road is a bustling street that is located in London’s Notting Hill district. The street plays a host to Portobello Road Market on every Saturday, which is highly famous among people across London. In addition to that, Portobello Road also pays a host to the Portobello Film Festival every year in the month of August. The tradition of hosting the Portobello Film Festival had started way back in 1996 and since then it continues till date.

But more than anything else, this place is loved by people for its cosmopolitan culture and stunning architecture.

Notting Hill is one of the most stunning places in entire London, which is well known among people for its multiculturalism. It is truly a sophisticated, silk-stocking and fashionable place to live. This place grabs your attention for its stupendous architecture, mouth-watering cuisines, fantastic restaurants, and lovely shopping malls.

Apart from that, the Notting Hill Carnival which takes place every August gathers millions of visitors to this place. If you are a visitor here, it truly feels like your second home. 

Notting Hill

Surrounded by culture, art and diversity, Notting Hill is certainly more than just the name for a famous movie. It is the host to Europe’s biggest street festival, Notting Hill Carnival and home to one of the city’s best markets: Portobello Road Market. Making Notting Hill one of London’s most cosmopolitan areas.

Overflowing with restaurants, galleries, bars and boutiques, this area captivates thousands of visitors to its eccentric streets and Eden like gardens, Notting Hill is the perfect place to spend a weekend. Whether it is to visit its famous Gate Theatre, listen to live music or just treating yourself to the latest fashion, Notting Hill is a fabulous place to explore and spend time.


Kensington is one of the most winsome places in entire London and is loved by people across the world for its beautiful landscapes, impressive architecture and delicious cuisines. It’s a kind of place wherein anybody would love to stay or settle down considering the fact that it offers all the crucial things to people which are necessary for an ideal life. The northeastern part of Kensington is largely occupied by Kensington Gardens which play a host to a variety of Dutch as well as Italian gardens.

In addition, to that, it is also a home to numerous beautiful public buildings like Kensington Palace, Serpentine Gallery and Prince Albert Memorial etc.


London, which is located on Thames river is one of the most iconic and marvelous cities in the entire planet. This beautiful city is the capital of England – one of the most powerful countries in the world and its history dates back to the Roman period. It’s a highly multicultural city, which is preferred by people across the world when it comes meeting their educational, medical and employment related requirements. The city plays a host to some of the most iconic centuries-old buildings such as The Tower of London – a historic castle, Westminster Abbey – a renowned church, and the Banqueting House – an important part of the Palace of Whitehall etc., which attract a wide range of tourists every year.